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Guest Submission Guidelines

1. Submission should be an overall encouraging message for our readers.

2. Submission should be Biblically based but draw from personal experience.

3. We recommend that you submit something that is focused more on how to overcome whatever difficulties may come up while serving in ministry. This is not required but encouraged because that is what our ministry is all about.

4. Once submission is published on www.lovethesaintsministries.com we ask that you share the  published post from our website to your social media outlets.

5. Please ensure that submission is between 500-750 words.

6. We also ask that you submit a photo and a short 125 to 150 word biography that links back to your most used social media outlet or website. That way we can repay you for your service.

7. We recommend that a few days prior to publishing submission that you search through our website and share something that has caught your attention or given you encouragement. This will help direct traffic to our website so your submission has a better chance of being viewed more on the day we publish it. 

8. This is not a requirement but we would love for you to follow us on one or two of our social media outlets.

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Compensation Options

Every author who publishes a guest submission through our website has the opportunity to accept compensation through one of the following avenues.

1. A free digital copy of “Selections from the Ahavah Writings” which is a selection of writings from our most popular devotional book “Ahavah Writings for the Journey”.

2. A guest submission from our website to yours from the organizers of Love the Saints Ministries, (please note, this avenue can take up to two weeks to complete).