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I’m not sure how long a biography is supposed to be. Maybe it should encapsulate my life in a few well put statements. Or maybe it should focus on my career as a whole. But, when it comes down to it for me, there is only one reason why I write: to give a hopeless world hope, found only through Jesus Christ. I am a defender of the faith and want to use the talent God has given me to bring Him all the glory. My aim is to strengthen the current body of believers, shine The Light into the darkness of those who are still lost, and represent the Kingdom of God in a bold and fearless way. Too often Christians are portrayed as either hypocritical or foolish. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life and I’m sick and tired of Him being portrayed as a mere man or a myth. I’m setting out to change that.
Shalom is a Filipino storyteller, entrepreneur, speaker and writer. Born and raised in the Philippines, she has always worked as a creative force in youth ministries at local churches for over 10 years. With a bachelors degree in Psychology, a masters degree in Marketing and a passion to propel brands with authentic messaging and beautifully designed imagery, she and a partner founded Filament Studios in 2012, specializing in branding and design. She used her expertise in this field to design our awesome logo and we are grateful to have it. Having recently moved to a new city and a new church, she is most excited to see what God continues to unfold in her city and her nation. Making every effort to connect with people through authentic experiences and stories, with the hopes that these will encourage the new generation to work towards a cause greater than themselves. When she’s not at the studio or someplace important, Shalom spends her time lounging on an undiscovered spot somewhere along the Philippines 36,000 kilometer coastline, with a camera and a C.S. Lewis book.
My name is Valentine. I am a New Zealander of Chinese descent. I am a materials chemist with a Bachelor and Master of Science. I have three years of experience in both personal chemistry tutoring and laboratory demonstrating for principles of chemistry and spectroscopy courses. I recently went to Myanmar with six others on a mission trip and I believe the experiences  [Valentine Chan] I had there will help encourage others. I’ve been to Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Canada and Myanmar and have seen and experienced many different cultures and lifestyles that have been permanently etched into my mind. At my local church, I am the head of the sound system ministry and the church’s information and design team. It is a privilege to be able to write for other Christians since we all face common challenges and it is common to feel isolated, even when you are surrounded by other people. As they say in Mandarin Chinese, “Jiāyóu!” which literally means “ add oil” but it really means to press on.
Rebekah Ware
Rebekah is a hardworking wife and mother of 3 small, energetic children. Living in rural upstate NY all her life has fueled a deep appreciation of quiet, reading, running and the smell of apple blossoms in the surrounding orchards. The few moments of free time her life allows is spent as a REFIT Instructor, ministry leader, social media marketer and writer.  Rebekah earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from SUNY Potsdam with the hopes of becoming a counselor. Freshly out of college and married at the age of 20, Rebekah soon discovered that God had other plans for her life and degree. Little did she know that her desire to help people would be used in a home, gymnasium and computer rather than an office counseling individuals. Her degree which, she viewed as useless, ending up being called upon frequently in her raising children, ministry leading and writing endeavors. Her heart for people and passion to inspire, encourage and empower others can be seen carried throughout her writing.
Hassan is a Nigerian born teacher and Minister of the gospel. Born into an Islamic home in the mid 80s, he encountered the Lord Jesus Christ in a local assembly in his country on 31st March 1996. The encounter which he describes as totally life-changing set him on path of discovery of his new found faith. He handled a number of responsibilities in the Fellowship of Christian students (FCS) during his university days and with inputs into his life from great servants of God in his country, his ever growing adventure in God, his Kingdom and power makes him an ever hungry-for-God minister. He currently works as an associate Pastor under the Kingsglory International Ministry under the headship of Apostle Kolawole Obaseye and runs a bankers’ fellowship in his office. He is happily married to Wunmi and they make their home in the Northern part of Nigeria- Kaduna state.
Francis Fabregas
Francis is by passion and profession a Bible teacher. By God’s calling, he is currently planting a local church in the Calabarzon region of the Philippines. It is his unflinching vision to establish faithful Bible churches in this region, seeing the serious spiritual need of the community to understand the true essence of the biblical Gospel. He received his formal training in theology and ministry from a dispensational Bible Institution in Baguio City, Philippines. He is also a part-time freelance writer who is so interested to write exegetical, apologetical, and investigative papers on various biblical and theological subjects. His doctrinal-theological positions are influenced and shaped by his favorite theologians and apologists like Cornelious Van Til, Francis Schaeffer, and Louis Berkhof. Already married to a faithful, loving, and sweet wife since year 2010 and has been blessed with a one-year old son. He loves Country music and Japanese instrumental pop music; it helps him to write many things. When he’s bored or need to relax, he plays guitar or plays strategic games. He also loves Japanese food, especially their Ramen. Since he’s a writer, he has a blog that you might want to visit. Here’s the link .
Wayne McLaughlin
Wayne McLaughlin, approaching the age of dirt, has his share of “been there, done that” but to get to the essence before anyone falls asleep;

• Degreed engineer
• Owned business building and marketing environmental products throughout the U.S. and Europe
• Active member of a mainline, protestant church with time measured in decades
• Believes that God is available to anyone, anywhere and that there is no magic, secret portal to salvation.
• Has initiated interfaith dialogues through his church.

When it comes to a faith life, Wayne says God’s existence is self-evident – just look at a tree. There should be no conflict between faith and science. Faith begins where knowledge ends and science is simply the study of God’s work. Since retirement, Wayne has spent much of his time freelance writing with politics and religion his favorite topics. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t get invited to parties.
Born and bred in Kenya, currently I am a final year student at the Medical School of the University of Nairobi.I am passionate about Christ and fulfilling my destiny in Him. Having got born again at an early age of 12, I have had a satisfactory walk with my Savior. He has been my rock and refuge, my Jireh, my Rapha, my Redeemer, my All-in-All. I have journeyed this journey of life with the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit. At the age of 19 years, I got to know what my purpose or calling in this life is. This laid a foundation for my writing career: writing to make Him known and His will known. From thence I have been writing articles that inspire, enlighten and inform about God’s will about many issues in life today. Issues about family, marriage, youths, career, success, relationships and leadership. To enhance my writing skills I joined several freelance writing sites. This has helped me offer services to a larger audience. My hobbies besides writing include reading novels, listening to Gospel music, adventure and watching plays at the theatre.
Pastor Coe has a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing/English from Southern New Hampshire University; He also has a Bachelor and Master of Theology, as well as two Doctorate degrees. Rodney has a Fellow Award with the Stephen Olford Institute of Biblical Preaching. Rodney has been a pastor for over 21 years. He has written over 200 articles and his first novel, The Rise of the Prophet, will be released in March. Pastor Rodney and his wife Brenda have four sons. His prayer is that he can encourage the Body of Christ. He is the Founder of  You can also visit the author page for his debut book  here ...
Pastor Craig A. Walsh
Craig Walsh teaches at Creekside Bible Chapel in San Juan Capistrano, California. He graduated from Calvary Chapel School of Ministry as well as USC and Vanguard University. He has taught Bible for 25 years. His desire is to—through the Word, prayer and fellowship—know the Lord Jesus and make Him known. He is married for 32 years to Elizabeth Grace and has four daughters: Rebecca Grace, Rachael Mercy, Rose O’Sharon and Ruth Ann Faith. Recently, he became a grandfather. Rachael Mercy and her husband Garrett had a daughter, Iris Elizabeth Samson. In his spare time, Craig enjoys the ocean, sailing, surfing, blogging, writing poetry and collecting books on the Bible.

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