Nate Allen
Here you will find links to most of Nate Allens Articles and to some of the books he has written. Nate was the first wrtier to join our ministry team and is the Co-Author of our Newest Project, Wrestling for your God Given Name, which we will be releasing before the end of the year.
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I am a defender of the faith and want to use the talent God has given me to bring Him all the glory.My aim is to strengthen the current body of believers, shine The Light into the darkness of those who are still lost, and represent the Kingdom of God in a bold and fearless way.

Death is Not the End; Daddy
The Counterfeit
Experience the thoughts of two men as something miraculous begins to happen in the midst of a hopeless situation. ‘Death is Not the End, Daddy’ draws you in with the struggle of redemption, the mystery of forgiveness and the incredible wonder that the gift of love can bring to light.
Andrew Jeffery Stephenson is about to find out what comes after death. It turns out Paradise isn’t for the religious but for the logical. Post life is a miraculous accident, just like life itself. And it has everything you’d ever want! But, there are those that claim that the world is coming to an end in 3 days. They warn that it will all fall away. And it threatens to ruin Andrew’s Paradise...