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The Concept
This Page is a Work in Progress, please keep looking back periodically to find out if there are any updates on when this book will be released. In the mean time, feel free to take a look at Matthew's most resent posts to the left of your screen...

​Set to be Released Winter 2017, Finding Philemon is a Biblical Historical Fiction book that follows the life of a young man named Onesimus as he embarks upon a journey of faith and new life. Are you ready to expereince the story of Philemon from an entirely new  perspective? We can wait to share it with you...
The Author
Matthew (MJ Elliott) is someone who is passionate about reaching others for Christ with whatever God places upon his heart to write or speak about. He has served in ministry of some type for 13 years, whether as a volunteer or a minister of the Gospel. While never Ordained, his ministry experiences give him a lot of understanding into what ministry is all about and how it has changed.
 Matthew and Traci, his wife, have 3 children; Leyla, Caleb and their newborn daughter Hannah, that bring inspiration and joy to their lives. His hope is that those that read Finding Philemon will find strength and encouragement in the difficult times that life presents. It is his desire that  this book be the start of a whole new line of Biblical Historical Fiction books that will strengthen and Entertain the Kingdom of God.

Matthew J. Elliott