Who we are
  Matthew holds a Bachelor of Science from Oklahoma Wesleyan University in Biblical Studies emphasizing on Christian Worship, Christian Education and Pastoral Care. Matthew enjoys encouraging others through writing and it has been his dream to let God use this gift on a larger scale. His passion is to focus on the big picture in ministry and on reaching the multitudes in everything that LTSM does. Matthews Author Page is Here ...
Traci holds a Bachelor of Science from OWU also but in Global Studies, emphasizing in Persecuted Church Ministries. She is Matthew’s compass, keeping him right on target and more importantly, his wife and the mother of their three children (Leyla, Caleb and Hannah). Her focus is more about the smaller detailed strokes of everything LTSM does and reaching others one on one.
Together they strive to minister to believers in love, equip them for service in Gods Glory and to build the body of Christ in edification through the encouragement and grace that has been given to them. It is their hope that God use the vision they believe He gave them in LTSM to build something that others will find brings great joy and encouragement to the priesthood of all believers.
"Your love has given me much joy and comfort, my brother, for your kindness has often
refreshed the hearts of God’s people."
​Philemon 1:7 NLT