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Welcome to Love the Saints Ministries! We are Matt and Traci Elliott and our desire for this website is to be a resource of encouragement for those working in church ministry capacities. Having been in various ministry positions ourselves, we know that even Pastors, Youth Pastors, and other Ministry Workers need encouragement along the way. From burnout to facing harsh criticism, the struggle of making family a priority to making your own relationship with the Lord a priority, we know that those in ministry face their own unique challenges. Please check out our articles, written by a variety of experienced authors, as well as our other resources. We hope it is an uplifting experience!
Love the Saints Ministries exists solely to encourage believers serving in ministry in their journey of faith every step of the way. With Love the Saints Ministries (LTSM) we intend to give to others, through Gods guiding hand, the same encouragement we have received. If life has taught us one thing it is that even those that claim to have the strongest faith need a little bit of encouragement sometimes. Our journey has been filled with its ups and downs and we have been encouraged and strengthened by others along the way. 
“Your love has given me much joy and comfort, my brother, for your kindness has often refreshed the hearts of God’s people.” (Philemon 1:7 NLT)
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  1. Rest and Work: Abiding in Christ
    10 Feb, 2017
    Rest and Work: Abiding in Christ
    There are times when you are going to feel like you're in a desert in your ministry. It will feel like there is nothing happening and to be honest, you may not like it, but there are also going to be times when you feel as if you're just blossoming with new life and energy. Both are important; both indicate God is working.
  2. Pastor's Grow Weary?
    01 Feb, 2017
    Pastor's Grow Weary?
    If you are a pastor you’ve felt it. You are not preaching with the same gusto. Studying is a struggle. Prayer feels like a prick in your heart. Your heart? Yes, that’s where the problem lies.
  3. Clarifying Your Devotion and Expectation
    25 Jan, 2017
    Clarifying Your Devotion and Expectation
    The Christian life and its ministry is a community project; and this God-designed community, if maximized well by a Christian, will become a strong hedge of support that will protect him/her against the paralyzing effect of burnout or the psychological drying up of desire and expectation to continue in the pursuit of God’s call in your life.
  4. The Ministry Calling- A Wife's Perspective
    13 Jan, 2017
    The Ministry Calling- A Wife's Perspective
    As the wife of a minister, you can successfully guard your heart and your marriage if you know what kinds of struggles to expect and how the Lord will grant success. Maybe you have been married for years and this call to vocational ministry has come unexpectedly to you. No matter your place in life, there are ways to prepare for the struggles and the joys ahead in your marriage.
  5. Change in Ministry
    30 Dec, 2016
    Change in Ministry
    Our beloved Shepherd did it in divine perfection. We, however, have our human limitations. We have our ups, but frequently, also our downs. We do not always understand why but we must consider change. It’s a part of life and a part of our spiritual growth. Without it we stay where we are. However, we must also consider this, “change” should not develop into mere “entertainment” with irrelevant frills.
  6. The Role of the Pastor's Wife
    15 Dec, 2016
    The Role of the Pastor's Wife
    As a Pastor's Wife, what is my role in encouraging him and his ministry? in our family? Written By: Stephanie Caudle The Role of the Pastor’s Wife Serving as a pastor’s wife can appear to be one of the most exciting roles in the Christian world. You have the opportunity to sit front and center and watch as God’s love and Word is manifested through your husband. While it may look glamorous, as with anything else, every day is not always sunny. Some days your husband gets discouraged;
  7. Gaining Support in Ministry
    03 Dec, 2016
    Gaining Support in Ministry
    As pastors, there are times when we struggle. We struggle with hurt, pain, frustration, temptation. But one of the most interesting struggles we face is often in getting support from those we report to or, worse yet, from our congregation in general. It can be difficult to jump through all the hoops and give a proper response when we face these type of struggles.
  8. Inadequacy in Ministry
    21 Nov, 2016
    Inadequacy in Ministry
    Feeling inadequate in ministry is part of being a genuine minister of God. You are definitely going to feel “small” when you see the pains and struggles your members go through if you are a true shepherd. So if you feel this way, it is the feeling of a true minister.
  9. Psalm 19- Finding Purpose
    10 Nov, 2016
    Psalm 19- Finding Purpose
    Today, it is strange to contemplate one’s purpose in relation to God. The purpose of people or an individual is something we have conjured. Most view purpose as generated within self-desires. “You decide who you are and what you want to be and then generate enough passion and work to accomplish it.”From the view of traditional Biblical Christianity (though much of modern Christendom has incorporated it) this ‘self desire’ generated purpose is satanic. If we are a creation of God, then He holds
  10. Pastor, When is it Time to Leave?
    01 Nov, 2016
    Pastor, When is it Time to Leave?
    Leaving a church is a difficult decision. How can we know when our time is up? When is it time for the pastor to leave? I’d like to suggest 3 ways to know when.
  11. Project Update: Jumping into Phase 3
    21 Oct, 2016
    Project Update: Jumping into Phase 3
    It's been a while since we last posted an update on "Wrestling for your God Given Name" but here we are today.  We are in the midst of the 3rd phase of this project, which in essence is pretty daunting. Both Nate and I have gone through the books content a few times and made our changes and now the book is has been given to our two editors, one for readability and the other for grammatical influence. After that is done we will
  12. The Call of a Pastor
    16 Oct, 2016
    The Call of a Pastor
    Dietrich Bonhoeffer said, “When Christ calls a man, he bids him, ‘Come and die.’” As Pastors, we embrace this call. We are willing to die to self and live for Christ, serving Him and others. For many, this call comes in an ultimately intimate context. Although you may have gone forward at a tremendous crusade, the encounter with God is one-on-one.

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